- - - $600 - - -

Brand: B.C. Rich
Model: Warlock
Type: Bolt On, 4 String Bass
Year Built: 1989
Made In: Japan
Serial #: n/a
Case or Gigbag: Ask

DESCRIPTION: This is one awesome looking bass! Have you ever seen a lime green Warlock with white binding?? Well here it is, and it looks VERY cool! To top it off, it's a rare Japanese made NJ2 with the 100-piece neck and ebony fingerboard. The bottom points are badly chipped, but it's still a very cool bass for all you 80's fans! Gotoh bridge and tuners and full booster & varitone electronics. No case or gigbag.

Side Note: In 1989 B.C. Rich made a line of guitars and basses called the NJ2 to be sold to the overseas market. These were made in Japan after the NJ Series moved from Nagoya to Korea. The quality of the NJ2s were that of the vintage Nagoya, and even the USA guitars. The NJ2 basses came with what was called the "100-piece" or the "Super-Bass" neck. These were 100+ pieces of wood laminated together and then cut to form a super strong and thunderous neck. Due to the difficulty and labor to make these necks, the NJ2s were only made in 1989, with a few random examples popping up dated in the early 90s.

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