- - - $500 - - -

Brand: B.C. Rich
Model: Mockingbird
Type: Bolt On, 6 String Guitar
Year Built: 2000
Made In: Korea
Serial #: B00xxxx
Case or Gigbag: Gigbag w/ B.C. Rich logo

SOLD...But not just any normal sale...On July 20th, 2007 this guitar was shipped to one of America's Finest over in Iraq! Through the B.C. Rich Players Forum I met Jay, and he asked about this Mockingbird. He quickly decided he wanted it and mentioned that he was deployed and it would be shipped to him while overseas. Of course, with this, I gave Jay a rock-bottom price and paid for the shipping myself, as well as throwing in some supplies, CDs, and reading material. Stay Safe Jay, and keep rockin!

DESCRIPTION: This beautiful Mockingbird is an import model that was made for the Japanese market (JE), but found it's way onto US Soil! Similar to a souped up N.J. Series, this guitar has a nice flammed top in a black cherry burst. All gold hardware, pearloid topped knobs, Wilkinson locking Tuners, bound body and headstock, cloud inlays and great sounding pickups. Minor dings as noted in the pics below. Please Note! The first picture below makes it look like there are scratches on the left and bottom...these are not! It was something either on the lens or in the air, but not on the guitar, but the picture showed the grain and color so nicely I decided to use it anyway.

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