- - - $500 - - -

Brand: B.C. Rich
Model: Mockingbird
Type: Bolt On, 6 String Guitar
Year Built: 1985
Made In: Nagoya, Japan
Serial #: R858xxx
Case or Gigbag: Gigbag

DESCRIPTION: Here we have a great example of a vintage Nagoya, Japan BCR Mockingbird. Comes with the famous "R" logo Gotoh tuners, stock early model USA Kahler 2500 "Traditional" Pro floating fulcrum bridge and a great high-gloss black finish. This guitar has great balance for a Mockingbird. Not your typical N.J. model because it was made for overseas sales only, so it doesn't have the "N.J. Series" logo on it. Some minor dings as seen below, and also missing the trem arm and the locking nut, but those are easy finds on the net.

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