- - - $500 - - -

Brand: B.C. Rich
Model: Mockingbird
Type: Bolt On, 6 String Guitar
Year Built: Late 1980's
Made In: USA
Serial #: B79xx
Case or Gigbag: No

DESCRIPTION: Made in the USA during the height of the B.C. Rich company, this guitar is a "players guitar" in every aspect of the term. The guitar is beat to hell, and ready to be played on stage! This guitar ROCKS! Heavy body with a killer sound that sustains forever. Don't let the bumps and bruises steer you away from this animal.....it is a guitar that is meant to be rocked, not look pretty! Black & Evil, its Hell with 6 Strings. As always I have tried to document all the chips and bruises below as best I can. Note, the picture with the switches is showing some rippling of the paint, the wood is NOT Damaged. This guitar is solid. Comes with black DiMarzio Clip Lock strap.

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