- - - $600 - - -

Brand: B.C. Rich
Model: ST3
Type: Bolt On, 6 String Guitar
Year Built: 1980's
Made In: USA
Serial #: BC2xxx
Case or Gigbag: Hardshell Case

DESCRIPTION: Made in the USA during the height of the B.C. Rich company, this guitar screams "Metal!"! This ST3 (ST-III) has been modified to where the 2 single coils have been pulled out and the original humbucker has been replaced with a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker for ultra gain! The original mini switches are still there if you want to put in 2 single coils. The mini-switch that is hooked up to the 'Bucker is an on/off switch. Tone knob still works and when turned counter-clockwise gives you a good single-coil sound, just bassier, but smooth.
There are 4 small paint chips that you can see in the pics. 2 Under the trem, 1 on the bottom back near the input jack, and the one on the top near the lighting that isn't much bigger than a pen tip and doesn't go into the wood. The back has your typical buckle rash, but nothing deep.
The bridge is a floating licensed Floyd Rose made for B.C. Rich, stamped "B.C. Rich" The actual locking nut clamps and screws from the headstock area were off the guitar when I took the pictures, but they do come with the guitar. However, I don't have the trem bar or the back plates. Comes with a hardshell case.

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