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Brand: B.C. Rich
Model: King V
Type: Bolt On, 6 String Guitar
Year Built: 1992
Made In: USA
Serial #: C92xxxx
Case or Gigbag: Hardshell Case

DESCRIPTION: Thats right...a REAL U.S.A. Black King Flying V! This isn't one of the imports that flooded the market in the late 90's, this is one of the first production American Handmade V guitars BCR made! Built in 1992 during the Class Axe era, this guitar is styled as Kerry King of Slayer likes 'em....simple, straight lines and lots of power! Sperzel tuners, USA Kahler floating bridge (Floyd style), single hot Humbucker (probably a Dimarzio), abalone Diamond inlays on an Ebony board. Frets have minimal wear. OHSC, form fitted. I bought this new in Boston from a BCR Dealer in '92/'93, and was told that it was a Custom Shop order and the person didn't go thru with the purchase, but I don't know if this is true or not. It IS however a top quality handmade machine!
There are 2 very small chips in the paint. They are on the right side (The top, if you had it on and were looking down). They are really small and are only in the paint. There is some MINOR wear on the paint at the bottom of the points, NOT CHIPS, that may buff out. Pretty good considering most pointed bottoms are chipped badly. There is some oxidation on 2 of the neck screws and the guitar needs a setup, and a neck cleaning.

!NOTE! - The guitar is solid Black in color! The White "binding" is just automotive pinstiping that will come right off without a hassle, but I think it makes the body stand out nicely.

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