- - - $1300 - - -

Brand: B.C. Rich
Model: Warlock
Type: Bolt On, 4 String Bass
Year Built: Late 80's
Made In: USA
Serial #: BC10xxx
Case or Gigbag: No

DESCRIPTION: OK all you Poison fans, this ones for you! This Bobby Dall style bass is exactly like the ones he used in all the Poison videos back in the 80's! This is a top of the line, Made in the USA, Vintage era B.C. Rich Lime Green Warlock 4 string bass! Built with Badass 2 Bridge, Hard to find Seymore Duncan Bass Lines pickups, Grover tuners and USA Neck Plate. The electronics are customized in that the switch is on/off instead of pick-up selector, the first knob fades back and forth from the bridge pickup to the middle pickups for specialized sound adjusting, and the last knob is a tone control.
As you can see by the pics there are lots of dings and chips and a few places where someone relocated the strap buttons. All of the problems are cosmetics, the playability of the bass is still perfect. This is a very rare bass due to the color and matching headstock color and has seen many a stage....maybe even jammed out "Look What The Cat Dragged In" a few times!

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