What to Know Before You Buy


The best way to contact us is through email...

EMAIL:         evilgreco@aol.com
SITE:            www.evilguitars.com
FACEBOOK:     Evil Guitars on Facebook

P.O. BOX 4215


Evil Guitars gets it's guitars from a wide range of places all over the world. Some are in mint condition, some have lots of wear. I try and show you many pictures of the guitars so you know exactly what you are getting. As a buyer myself, I can't tell you how many times I got a guitar in the mail to open it up and think, "They didn't say it had scratches like this!". So I try and overload you with pictures...maybe to a fault! Sometimes all the close-up pictures of the knicks and bumps make the guitar look worse than it really is, so please try and look at the overall condition of the guitar and read the description. Guitars are not set-up due to the fact that what I consider the perfect set-up for something, may be very different than what you do, so please take this into consideration when purchasing. If a guitar says it has no case, let me know if you want one, and I will get one for you from $50 to $150. For any questions, or to make a purchase, see my contact info at the top and bottom of this page.


Payment can be made by Money Order, Check or Credit Card via PayPal. No guitar leaves here until full payment is made, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Make payments out to MIKE GRECO.
Money Order and Bank Check payments will be held for 5 days for clearance before shipment.
Personal Check payments will be held for 2 WEEKS for clearance before shipment.
Credit Card payments via PayPal will have 4% added to the total price.
Massachusetts residence must pay 5% Sales Tax.


Fully Insured shipping via UPS is $50 to anywhere in the Continental USA. We will NOT ship to P.O. Boxes unless they are APO (Military). If I am shipping your new axe, know that I pack my shipments very well, following this Ebay guide, thanks Metalboots! Contact me for Alaska, Hawaii and International shipping prices. If you are in the Boston area and would like to pick up a guitar and save on shipping, please let me know. We are an internet only store, but we can meet in any public place to do a purchase or if you would like to try out any guitars.

We will ship almost anywhere in the world, but international shipping fees run anywhere from $100 for a bolt-on guitar, taken apart and shipped in pieces, to $500 for a neck-thru bass in a case. Contact us if you are interested in any guitar and to get a shipping quote.


Please follow these rules carefully!!! Any deviation of the below steps may result in a non-accpeted insurance claim, and you will be stuck with a damaged item, and no refund!

-Get a camera and take pictures of the damage, the shipping box, and any signs of mishandling of the shipment.
-Test the guitar/bass to see if there is any electrical issues.
-Put the instrument back in the original shipping box with all original contents and keep it safe.
-Email me with the pictures and description of the damage.
-All these steps MUST be done the DAY the package is delivered to you. If you wait a week, for ANY reason, to open the box and then find it damaged, the insurance claim may not be accepted, and the loss is yours.
-I will file the claim after you contact me. It can take as long as 2 weeks before the claim is finalized, so please be patient, and leave the instrument AS-IS, and be prepared for UPS to take it back.
-Once the claim is accepted, I will contact you and you will be reimbursed.
-Scammers beware, I will not take part in any fraud of any shipping companies.


You have 24 HOURS to check out your guitar once you get it. Contact me immediately if you decide you do not want it, and know that you must have the guitar sent back to me before any refund will take place. If you are returning a guitar you are responsible for the return shipping costs AND the original $50 shipping costs. The guitar must be sent back, well packed, via fully insured UPS shipping, in the same box you got it in. I must have a tracking number in my email within 24 HOURS of the time UPS deliverd your guitar. If I get a guitar returned and it is damaged in shipping because you re-packed it badly, I will not accept the shipment and the guitar will be re-sent back to you...so pack it as seen here like I did. I take lots of pictures of my guitars as I am packing them, so scammers beware, I will not take part in any fraud of any shipping companies.


I will take Layaway payments on any guitar. To hold a guitar I will take a 20% down payment and expect approximately 15% per month until paid off. I will hold a guitar for up to six months as long as payments are being made. If you decide you no longer want the guitar or stop payments, your money will be refunded, minus $100 for holding fees. If no payment has been made within 2 months, I reserve the right to sell the guitar to any other parties, at any time, if it is a full payment transaction. I will give you the option first to pay it off, if you cannot, you will be fully refunded. If you do not reply to emails or no contact is made for over 6 months, no refund will be given and the guitar will be up for sale again.

THX - Mike