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Brand: Winter
Model: Ice Pick
Type: Neck-Thru, 6 String Guitar
Year Built: Approx 2005
Made In: Korea
Serial #: n/a
Case or Gigbag: Ask

DESCRIPTION: !NEW! Here is another original design from Winter Guitars....the Ice Pick! Wild shape with neck-through design, two hot humbuckers, and awesome iron cross inlays! This axe makes an impression! There were four Ice Picks made, and this was the only neck-through guitar, and the only one made in Korea.

BACKGROUND: Winter Guitars was a small guitar company out of the midwest that not only sold guitars, but had their own line of Strat, Les Pauls and common shaped imports. At some point they came up with their own designs and shapes to try and help them stand out, A handfull of these new designs were made as prototypes in Korea and China. The guitars never went into production, and Winter closed it's doors. Evil Guitars was lucky enough to aquire most of these new prototypes and one-offs!

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